Our team of engineers possesses relevant skills and experiences as IT Solution Architect, Application Developer, Database Administrator and Project Manager for wide variety business applications. Our team is always interested in security system projects and close interaction with database application and security manufacturers.

We provide customized IT-related Solution and Techno-Based Integrated Marketing Communications-PR. Our scale, scope and knowledge allow us to address issues where we have deep functional and industry expertise. We work with leading organizations across the private, public and social sectors.

Our experts have specialties in the field of union negotiation, Linux, Red Hat, MySQL, Oracle, Project Managing, Pre-Sales, IPS Implementation, Back Office Implementation, Network Implementation, Software Development (HTML, PHP, Javascript, Java, .NET), Network and Security Consultation and Training. We also operate an engineering and development center which is always ready with operations and technical support 24/7.

We deliver the best technology as one of the biggest pillar that sustain the business, Enterprise Operating System Solution (Solaris, Red Hat Linux, Microsoft Windows), Server Consolidation and Virtualization, Cloud Infrastructure Deployment, Backend Office Solutions (Mail, DNS, Proxy and Gateway, DHCP, Printing Service), Enterprise Middleware Deployment. Servers and Storage Deployment.

Yohanes Syailendra
IT Solution Director

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