This time I got Lufthansa flying from Frankfurt and landed safely in Graz, Austria around 09.30 PM. Gosh! I unrolled the sleeves and raised my collar jacket against the night cold. The stewardess nicely said “Willkommen nach Graz und genieß Dein Wochenende!” meaning “Welcome to Graz and enjoy your weekend!”.

Sigh, extremely exhausted and fallen asleep! I just woke up when the morning greeted me with its warm sunshine from behind a white transparent curtain. I took shower and got my breakfast at the balcony while enjoying the view of Graz “the city in cloud” as seen here…

That afternoon, the weather was friendly and the cold sunlight looks shyly shining from behind of white cloud framed with the blue sky. Whatta warm beautiful and bloody romantic!

Graz is the old town which is famous as the ‘city of students’ and is the second largest city in Austria, after the country’s capital city, Vienna. The population of this city is almost 300,000 and the Graz society is fairly intelligent. The city looks to be an ideal place for meetings, international convention, conference and team building training activities.

Being around of the Old Town like Graz is like dawning into a ‘pool’ of the art of architecture, ranging from Gothic to Contemporary ones for more than 1000 buildings, influenced by the style of surrounding areas of Central Europe, Italy and the Balkans. Well, now let’s fasten the seat-belt and see what is interesting in this place!

Grazer Rathaus – it’s the first and oldest city hall Renaissance style built since 1450 in Judengasse. Since it was considered too small, it was enlarged in 1550 and rebuilt as great as exists today. As a new city hall, the building was then developed further between the years 1805 and 1807. Large amounts of funds were used to build it reportedly derived from “wine tax” and unfortunately most people don’t like the style of the new Rathaus as seen below!

Schloßberg and Uhrturm – it’s a really great place to be! Schloßberg means ‘mountain fort’ and the name is appropriate to describe the site, which is in the form of a hill that at the top there is a fortress. Before destroyed the fort was once a refuge for residents of Graz.

In this place there’s Uhrturm or ‘the city clock’ which is the symbol of Graz. There are only two cafes close by, not too big and one restaurant at the hill with views of Graz city as seen below. There is a stage for holding concerts and performances that are located in basement of the castle. The top of the hill can be reached by Schloßbergbahn (elevator built inside a mountain) or just by walk.

Where to go next? Here’s Landeszeughaus which known as ‘Armory Styrian’ and it’s the largest original armory that exist throughout the world! This place catch the attention of tourists from all over the world since there are about 32,000 weapons, war equipment, armors for battle and others.

The place is exceptionally attractive and super cool, but can be also boring when visitors seeing all of repetitive and similar collections. To overcome the boredom, the key is to listen to good explanation of available audio-guide. A visit to this place will make us seemed to be “a walk down history” of a nation. Very educative, just have a look below!

In the evening I went back to apartment. I’ve been through a fun but tiring day. Now it’s the time for recharging my battery. Good nite, sleep tight!

Anna Saraswati
Marketing Director
Editorial: Benedict Thibault

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