We specialize our business in techno-related industry, include Cybersecurity PR, IT Solution and Digital Marketing Communications. We are also willing to contribute our skills and experiences through consultancy and educational program, i.e. training, seminar and workshop, since we realize that there is still a gap between users and the advanced technology today. We are  interested to bridge that gap by working together with reliable team and supportive business alliances in the fields.

Our company is organized by partners who have gained years of experiences and possess relevant skills. Our common interests and objectives synergize us in business, since we mutually aim to meet the challenges and devise the solutions in equally matched to our ability to execute.

Through the activities of branding, digital marketing and strategic marketing communications, we assist and support the businesses of clients, supported by our expert, strategy, creativity, web designer and developer, marketing promotional campaigns and digital services.


There are such consulting firms in Indonesian market, but we set ourselves differently – we build a highly customizable and flexible solution for customers since its application becomes the key in maintaining their business. We develop, execute and communicate particular solution in detail and professional, so that it can be achieved with maximum result.

We would like to set our roles as team players to give valuable contribution of comprehensive Digital Marketing Communications/PR and IT-based Solution support, in order to meet market’s challenges.

We are sure that integrity is an attribute of being socially responsible. The hallmarks of good corporate governance are ethical business conduct, integrity and commitment to values that enhance and retain stakeholders’ trust. It is surely a key-driver of sustainable corporate growth and long-term shareholder value creation as it is about enhancing value for all.

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