Corporate ID Card Solution

You see many people every day, coming out and coming in, around your office building. It becomes responsibility of the company management to identify employees and visitors and to maintain the safety of the building and its inhabitants. Identification technology will allow you to easily and securely ensure that safety with a variety of options.

Standard or oversized photo ID Card allows you to verify identities, proximity or smart cards allow you to grant access to unattended building entries and bar codes or magnetic stripe cards allow for accurate time and attendance tracking.

Our Card Personalization Systems are ideal for:

Physical Access

Smart cards are used for verifying age, identity and the associated access to rights and benefits. Verification can take the form of photo or signature or can be stored in an electronic chip on the card in the form of a biometric such as a fingerprint or a password, such as a PIN. Cards can be secured to prevent forgeries by using electronic keys contained in the chip or by physical visual methods such as UV printing, holograms, microtext, etc.

Time and Attendance Monitoring

Monitoring employees in the workplace. The systems are used to record when employees start and stop work. Multi-application smart cards that are used to grant access to physical and logical resources can also be used to track attendance using a range of technologies from a basic magnetic stripe to Ultra High Frequency proximity systems that track employees’ whereabouts whenever they are within the building.

Photo identification

Smart cards grants entry to buildings, facilities and secure areas, with an embedded electronic chip, are increasingly accepted as the credential of choice for securely controlling physical access and used to authenticate individuals, to determine the appropriate level of access and physically admit the cardholder to a facility, most commonly using a card reader at the point of entry.

Our systems offer following capabilities:

a) Durable cards for wearing or carrying in wallet
b) Crisp, clear bar codes
c) Magnetic stripe and smart card encoding options
d) Oversized ID badge printing for quick, visual identification
e) Input and output card stackers for high-volume applications
f) Dual card hoppers for both employee and visitor ID badge blank card stock
g) Our ID Systems’ complete customer satisfaction guarantee

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