Customers Relationship Management

What is CRM?

Basically Customers Relationship Management (CRM) will automate all the sales force activities. CRM will store all clients information including the contacts, all sales activities, meetings, calls, and emails that enable business owner taking control on each sales activities inside its business.

CRM system is essentially a sales tool. Its purpose is to turn customer contacts into buyers. CRM system promises an organized, consistent process to convert leads into sales, a process generally referred to as building customer relationships. Therefore,  CRM systems can be especially valuable to your businesses.

The key to an effective CRM system is comprehensive data collection in order to solve sales process issues, e.g. sales groups cannot properly respond to the customers needs or requirements without customer data from service groups, etc.

Why do you need CRM?

a) Your business sells products and services.
b) You sometimes lose track on sales activity and info on customers.
c) Sales team not hitting goals.
d) No remote access can monitor all the sales activities on remote area.
e) You are not sure where your best leads come from.
f) Constant internal communication problem (especially on sales team).
g) Unable to converts leads into opportunities.
h) When the clients grow, you cannot scale to catch the bigger fish.
i) You have no central place to store data.

CRM Features

Landing Page
To monitor all the existing activities, leads, opportunities, contacts, customers, calls, and meetings from all of your sales in the business from all sites.

Account Management
To create or edit and delete account to manage all the existing customers.

Account Edit
To manage the information from each customer.

Activities Management
Sales activites that can be managed and monitored for each account.

Lead and Opportunities Management
Manage your leads and opportunities to keep it on track and make it revenue streams. Email service as the collaboration engine to support sales.

Project Management
To keep track on the progress and employee assignments.

Call Logs
To monitor your sales call logs activities in order to remotely maintain and boost your sales motivation.

Sales Tasks Management
Monitor your sales Tasks and take control of your business. Monitor for you every opportunities to keep track on your profits.

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