Cyber Defense

Cyber Defense

Apparently, the secure business information setup will start with powerful network security solutions and IT Solution that provide a secure framework critical to safety and integrity of business information.

Cyber Defense Architecture is the solution by defining protocol, procedures and culture aimed for designing the structural security plan and regulation that answering the issues of which information will be secured, i.e. who can access the information, where the information will be placed as well as how to access the information, in order to anticipate unexpected or potential cyber-attack by intruders or ‘unethical’ hacker.

Our experts takes manual in-depth approach with skills, experiences and ethical they possess to use real-world attack to supportĀ organization or corporate clients to assess security of their network environment.

Our defined works include the advance plan to secure the organization’s infrastructure, applications, network, access control, communications and information of data and file and setting up of command and control center. We prepare audit, integration and backup plan which aimed for anticipating potential disaster from intruders, integrate internal data with external data and define the strategy to ‘battle’ in cyber space, monitor, prevent and report it.

Our experts are glad to offer solution for cyber-related-issues, in order to assist and support the organization, regardless the size, either large or medium company, or even SME, and either government or private sector, by conducting the assessment series for their network security environment.

Cyber Security Solution we provide, include: