Location Based Advertising

Location Based Advertising or LBA is a form of advertising that integrates  mobile advertising with Location Based Services (LBS). The technology is used to pinpoint consumers location and provide location specific advertisements on their mobile devices. LBA is not new, but being able to access it through someone’s mobile communication device is.

The technology holds the potential aimed for marketers to send information and offers to consumers based on their proximity to places where the marketers’ products are available.

LBA has been starting to gain a lot of ground in the mobile industry nowadays. The way it works is relatively simple: mobile phone users receive targeted ads when they are around certain targeted area.

Of course, this method is only useful for businesses that have a physical retail location or business/service offices that provides products orservices that customers may need. Online companies will still need to focus on efforts through helpful social media, online marketing agencies  and management software.

Now, it’s the time! Location-Based Advertising will be advantageous to be considered as well!

Technology Application Features: