Puzzle Parking System

Puzzle Parking System Technology

Mechanic Multistorey Parking System is a high efficient parking equipment available for free loading and unloading without pulling out of parking car. Wide line up of equipment according to land condition and installation space is offered.

This system technology reduces the size of space required for parking several or more vehicles with retrieval time ca. 2 minutes. This system works, where the driver keeps his car in parking area at the entrance level. Once he leaves safety zone, the system automatically parks the car in certain parking space.

Parking structures are subjected to the heavy and shifting loads of moving vehicles and must bear the associated physical stresses. Expansion joints are used between sections not only for thermal expansion but to accommodate the flexing of the structure’s sections due to vehicle traffic. Seismic retrofits can be applied where earthquakes are an issue.


  • Parking and retrieval of the parked vehicle is quick, safe and reliable
  • The parking of SUV’s and other such vehicles can be accommodated
  • This system is suitable for use for parking within buildings at both above and below ground level
  • Office, residential, commercial parking, park and ride and other such like facilities in both above and below ground applications use Multi-Floor Automated Parking Systems
  • The operation of the system is overseen and reliably governed by computers
  • An engineered safety zone, together with multiple safety equipment guarantees its safe operation
  • The space required per vehicle is minimized as no ramps are required

Technology Application Features: